The protector of our community for safe of our children, the Child Safety House

What is the Child Safety House?

Designeted areas such as school surroundings, routes to schools, stationary stores, convinient stores, drug stores located vicinity of park as Child Safety House, where they protect children whom may be exposed to danger, and transfer them safety to the police.

What is the Child Safety Guardian Angel?

Appoint an employee who works out of the office at a reliable company as the safety Guardian Angel, and have them engage in child protection activities while working outdoors. Yakurt delivery women, postman, Taekwando instructor, Best Driver Association members, private education institute vehicle driver, etc. are currently participating.

Purpose of Establishment

After the kidnapping and murder case of an elementary school student in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do in 2008, many more violent crimes targeted for children have occurred, which motivated the communities and police forces to implement the Child Safety House.
※ In September of 2008, under the leadership of the Prime Minister's Office, a joint government site inspection was conducted. From which it received the following evaluation, "a program that operates differently to accommodate each community's characteristics, offering effectiveness and was able to settle within a short period of time."


Child Safety House is currently expanding, focused on reliable business establishments.
※ Child Safety House : Approximately 26,000 nationwide, Child Safety Guardian Angel : Approximately 26,000 nationwide.

In addition, a total of 6,320 children (6,227 children prevented from missing, 93 child molesters arrested) were protected up to June 2011, since the beginning of the program in year 2008.

Child Safety House Logo

The logo of the Child Safety House was created with a child-friendly design by Mr. Lee Hyun-se, a famous Korean cartoonist. It depicts the police and the community holding hands, implying the protection of children in cooperation.

- Child Safety Houses Logo - Child Safety Houses Logo
- Child Safety Houses Sign - Child Safety Houses Sign

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