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What parents should know!
  • Do not leave your child alone at home!

    Even when you go out for a short time, do not leave you child alone. Especially, when your child is asleep, never leave him/her alone because he/she may go outside to find you if they wake up. If you need to go out, ask a reliable relative or neighbor to look after your child.
    ※ Three don’ts for your children: don’t leave them alone, don’t starve them, don’t hit them.

  • Be with your child at all times

    Even if you are in a place near your home, do not leave your child alone at any time. Particularly, be cautious at nearby department stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, theaters, parks, public toilets. Also, it is dangerous to let your child go to the toilet or go on an errand alone, or to leave him/her alone in the car.

  • Use items to prevent missing accidents

    If your child is too young to talk, or cannot talk because of disabilities, have them wear protective items, such as name tags. Keep the name and contact numbers hidden under your child’s clothes or shoes because children with such information can lure strangers, and be a target of kidnappers.

  • Remember some details about your child

    Knowing the details of your child, such as his/her height, weight, birth date, physical characteristics, and habits can be useful in case of his/her missing. It is also important to remember what your child wore every day and keep a card of details of your child at home.

  • Learn your child's schedule and his/her close friends

    If your child doesn’t come home, you would immediately know who you have to contact only when you know his/her schedule well. You should know where and with whom your child is when he/she is out.
    When your child goes out, ask him/her where and with who he/she is going and when he/she will get back. And discipline them to keep their promises.

  • Take a picture of your children regularly.

    The most valuable information in a missing accident is photos of the child. Pictures that are too old may not be helpful because children grow very fast. Make sure to take photos of your children regularly.

Educate your children
Make sure to have your children remember their name, age, address, cellphone/tel. number and their parents' names.

In an emergency it is easy to forget something that is usually familiar. Therefore, it is important to train your children repeatedly to not forget the information above. It is necessary to do role-plays with your children for missing or abduction accidents. That is, you should train your children not to walk aimlessly when they are lost at a shopping mall or a park, but to stand still where they are and ask other adults or policemen for help while waiting for their parents.
If your children can make a call, train them not to panic and to call their parents at a nearby store, or to call 182 or 112.

Have your child tell you where and with whom he/she goes every time when they go out

Make it a habit for your children to tell you where and with whom they go when they go out, and make a promise of when they would get back. Also, teach them not to be alone when they are out even for a short time. Particularly, in places like parks, playgrounds and public toilets, where there are many people, make sure your child is with his/her friends or reliable adults.

Teach your child never to follow strangers

Teach your children never to follow strangers or people they don’t know well. You should take specific examples, instead of just telling them to be wary of strangers. Tell them they should obviously reject any request in situations like, for example, someone asks them to get in his/her car while asking help for directions, or someone tells them he/she is their mother's friend or asks them to find his/her dog together. Teach your children to shout and ask for help if someone tries to haul them calling their name.
※ Make your children be careful of the cases when someone tries to abduct them in a car while asking them to hold some things or pick up something on the floor.

Things Children Must Remember to Prevent Missing Indents

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